The letter from Mr. Albert Einstein to Mr. H.M. Cohen – 10 September 1945

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10th September 1945
Mr. H.M. Cohen
Postbus 8

Dear Mr. Cohen:

I remember vividly your friendly offer and I think of you in acknowledgement and gratitude, even if I could not give you an opportunity to deal with my affairs with your proven  kindness.

You can justly be proud of the good you have done  for people of our common background in these bitter times, often at your life’s peril.

You should not be sad that you have not had any news sofar from the people you helped. Firstly, only a few remember their hours in danger and humiliation. Secondly one wonders how many of them have survived further persecutions. Now, after the end of the war, bad news continues to come in and I think that an avenging justice is sofar rather feeble. How true are   the words of Schiller : “Justice only happens on  the stage”.


With friendly greetings

Yours truly,


Albert Einstein

I am enclosing some stamps for your collection