Elie Weijl, 14 – 10 – 1942

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(Written in pencil on a strip of lined paper).

Wednesday afternoon

Dear Henry,

This morning I received your card in good order and learned that you want to respond to my writing. Well, Henry, it’s a misery here. First, being hungry all day. In the afternoon a scoop of cabbage and cabbage again  and in the evening  1/3 of a white bread, that is also for in the morning. So you can believe what a disaster we are in. I think we will be transported on Friday 16/10. If not, I will write to you again. It’s a mess here, so don’t join us!. Hohenstein has received the telegram, letter and package. I’m currently here with my mother in the Barak. You won’t be able to understand what scenes are taking place here. The oldest inhabitant of Rotterdam is still here, a woman of one hundred and one year. The entire Rotterdam hospital and orphanage. Your old neighbors are also here, one ten Berge, who have lived in the house of the sergeant, opposite you. Is there any news from the  outside world or is it all still the same? You wrote that the Jewish Council had sent us something. Yes, nothing but clothes, the stinkers, instead of sending us agile (food). We could give away all the clothes here, because we can’t take it with us anyway. Now Henry, give greetings to your family and I am sending you in advance my warm thanks for the package. And be greeted warmly yourself, by Elie Weijl, Barak 65, Westerbork

Lien Cohen and her husband are here too. Oh, you ‘d better ask: who’s not here. Now, I’ll write the same words ‘be seeing you’again, but that may well  take a long time.