Elie Weijl, 8 – 10 – 1942

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Camp Westerbork.

Dear Henri,

The four of us are already here since Saturday evening. Leo is also there and all work campers, and also all from Denekamp. It is quite a  situation here. But now something different Henri, at least if you are still there, would you be so kind to send us a good PACKAGE of FOOD; for example rye bread and jam and fruit. Our thanks and strength to you from Elie Weijl

Elie Weijl, Sunday morning (12.10.1942 stamped)

Postcard Westbork

Sunday morning

Dear Fam. Cohen

I wanted to inform you that we are fortunately still in Holland and probably not going to be transported until next Friday. Have you already received the letter of last week? I would like you to send  us some food, rye bread, cheese, jam etc. There is still plenty of apples and pears. If you can, send that, because here is the agile louloene [miserable food]. My address is E. Weijl, Kamp “Westerbork”, Barak 65

How is the mood in Oldenzaal? Leo de Leeuw and wife, Van Gelder and wife, Blazer and wife, Menco and family and then we ourselves are all here. I also spoke to Willy Kan and family. There are around 18,000 people here. Tomorrow another transport of about 200 will go to …. Would you be so kind and tell the Moes family that they should also send food. They live at Bentheimerstraat 21. They already have a box for that. And please tell that the parcels from L. de Leeuw and Van Gelder have arrived at Josef Meyer’s and also at Menco’s, but they contained clothes: we must have food. Now dear family, I will write ‘goodbye’ and hope you send  us something. I cannot write what one experiences here, this is illegal. Now, greetings from my family and especially from me, your well-known Elie Weijl

PS: Send something to smoke.