(Reina) PARSSER – COHEN – no date or address (1943) Amsterdam

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No date or address (1943) Amsterdam

Dear brother,
On Friday, the Jewish Council has been wound up here, the Sperr zero point zero. I understood that this would come, therefore I made every effort to ensure that I was safe. Of what happened here, Mr. D. will tell you, it is undescribable, all family and acquaintances  are gone now, the ones who can stay here are 170 families of the Jewish Council  who will receive an Ausweis. Of course I made an effort to also get hold of such a certificate, needless to say that only those who played the first violin are eligible, everyone wants this. The rest have bought themselves a Sperr for around 120000 – that is an emigration certificate; those people have not been troubled by the raids and can walk on the street without fear. That also goes for the family of E (mbden). On Tuesday the Sperr of the Jewish Council will be issued, the rest must leave as soon as possible. You understand how I feel and I come to ask you to help me not having to go to Poland. I am totally au bout with finances, I don’t know what to do. Van E (mbden, brother-in-law of R.) insists that he can no longer do that and that I have to be with my brothers. Are the v. E. safe in their own house? I no longer see an outcome, Brother help me out, the attached bank account shows what I have there, I would like to transfer everything to you if I can save my life. A Sperr costs fl. 25,000.- I have to do this, as I have 10% money, so together fl. 27,500.- once I am no longer there myself. If you find this mesjoggaas [madness] or can’t, at least give me money to swim. I am totally burned out, I lasted too long, now I still have 200 guilders, this is the truth, I can ‘t do anything with that. When Pa died you said that you would not abandon me [HMC was arranging a place of hiding for his sister], the ones without Ausweis or stamp are outlawed this week, only Kalmeyer, mixed married couples, Portuguese and Sperr 1200000 are free, for the others it is Jude verrecke. Tell Mr D. your answer for which I am anxiously waiting. Please do not blame me or be fussy, the time is too serious for that. If you still feel something for your oldest sister, help. Hope everything is fine with you, all the best, your Reina. Please don’t send me off empty-handed