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Dear everyone,
I have just come from the de Winter family; I have to be responsible. They were very cordial, but they can do virtually nothing. I have explained to them the situation, he is going there tomorrow to take a closer look, but no illusions, it is a criminal case and I need not say anything further. Do you understand how I feel, I get crazy when I think about what the children can expect there. And therefore, brother, do everything for God’s sake, visit those institutions, you did care for V. [Sylvain, son of Reina, was married to V. van Embden], save them, do not let them die the martyr’s death. Van E (mden) is on his own for everything, but is totally incapable, he has tried everything to get them free, but the result was that he was called this morning by the Jewish Council and told that they were on transport. Needless to say how he was and now I have to be double strong. Luckily I brought the bali (?) with me,  I left it with the Winters, all my available vouchers for bread and cookies, jam, because there is hunger and it has to be sent there. Now Mrs. De Winter will prepare a parcel tomorrow  morning, and try to send it to them if this is possible. The children will ask for warm underwear, shoes via the Jewish Council. Can you help me with that, I do not know how. They had to leave everything behind, they arrived destitute. How are they? I am devastated, but I must try to stay strong, but now my only hope is that you can help. Oh, please help quickly before it’s too late. The first time you said, when you thought that S (ylvain) was in V(ught) that if I had  warned you, you would have gotten him out. Please, visit that man, convince him, … .. for you after all, he will do everything. You certainly want to help me with some bread coupons, jam and cheese coupons, so that I can send something again. I don’t know how to get coupons. Please help, I pray, v. E. does not know how to get them free, show them that you can do more. I am writing at the station, can still post  this quickly. Write to v. E .: Vening Meineszkade 11, he is there every . In a special case, call him at 38401. I also asked Mrs. W. to keep you informed if there was something special . She wants to assist as much as possible, but is also powerless. Please be succesful, there is nothing I can do, I feel so miserable, lonely, sitting in my room there, that is nothing, if only help would come. Write back soon.

Kisses and great sorrow, Your Reina

This morning the N.I.Z (Dutch Jewish Hospital) was emptied. I’ll try to call, or call me. Save my child.